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Carly is Chief Executive Officer of Portfolio PFA


To Carly Yoon, CEO of Portfolio PFA –

Keep building amazing things in the world!

— Jessica Jackley, co-founder of KIVA and author of Clay, Water, Brick.



You’re weaving a wonderful fabric of caring and giving. Thank you!

— Libby Hoffman, Founder and President of Catalyst for Peace


About CEO Carly

Carly is 13 years old and an 8th Grade middle school student in Tiburon, California.

Under Carly’s skilled leadership, the successful school fundraising model of Portfolio PFA speaks for itself, in the form of its outstanding fundraising track record:

In a period of 18 months, over a series of 7 school fundraisers, the program has raised $5,000 for 10 nonprofits working in Africa, addressing challenges such as providing food and shelter for street children in Congo, orphanages in Uganda, and scholarships for girls in Kenya.


African Library Project is a Portfolio PFA Partner


A note to Carly’s team from African Library Project Founder Chris Bradshaw

A principle of the PFA motto “Frugalis Creativus” – frugality and creativity, is that creativity and innovation has a ‘value’, but that that value needs to be uncovered and recognized.

For example, about 3 years ago, the PFA Team started conducting interviews with Executive Directors of nonprofits on the African continent. Sometimes, the interviews were conducted with Skype calls and sometimes the PFA Team had an in-person visit with one of the directors, as they did with Annabelle Chauncy, the Executive Director of School for Life Foundation and with Molly Burke, the Executive Director of Bicycles Against Poverty. The value that Chyah and I perceived at this stage was that these interviews helped to develop writing skills for the PFA Team.

During one of the vibrant PFA Team discussions it began to dawn on us that if we were to do school fundraisers for nonprofits in Africa, then we already had an archive of knowledge from the interviews the team had conducted.


Jackson Kaguri’s Nyaka orphanages is a Portfolio PFA Partner

Amazing progress and so proud of these super fundraisers!

You have all touched the lives of these children in a special way. I have said it before and I will say it again:

When I started Nyaka 15 years ago I knew children’s lives would be changed – but I was thinking of children in rural Uganda not the PFA children in San Francisco. Now I see that lives of children all over the world are being changed.

Thank you PFA for all you do to change the lives of so many.

— Jackson Kaguri, CNN Hero and PFA’s Global Ambassador

This insight made us realize that in addition to the interviews providing the PFA Team with the opportunity to hone their writing skills, the interviews also doubled as a form of ‘due diligence’ and ‘research’ on the value-added of these nonprofits operating in Africa, particularly since the PFA Team had interviewed and remained in regular contact with their Executive Directors.

The ‘value’ of having all this ‘research’ emboldened the PFA Team to begin to compile and compose a PFA ‘portfolio’ of nonprofits operating in Africa.

The portfolio evolved into what is today the success model of Portfolio PFA.

The PFA Team is now taking this success model to the next level through the launching of Portfolio CSR, to bring the value of the PFA Team’s skill set in nonprofit ‘due diligence’ and ‘research’ to the business community to incentivize Corporate Social Responsibility.