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Charlie is the Chief Executive Officer of Samburu App


Charlie’s video presentation as the CEO of Samburu App

About Charlie and The Samburu App

A year ago, Karim Ajania, the Director of Pencils for Africa (PFA), presented PFA at an international educational conference at Stanford University. In attendance were teachers from all over the world, including teachers from the top school performing country in the world, Finland.

The greatest concern by far, amongst this international collection of accomplished teachers, was the negative drain on education that is created by the proliferation of technology for young people, from the relative harmlessness of the frivolity and narcissism of self-indulgent social media activities, to the more toxic and harmful consequences of graphically violent video games.


Tribesman James Lekadaa (above) Skyped with Charlie from Samburu, Kenya

At the time, the movie ‘Web Junkie’ had just come out which is about how children in China who develop extreme addictions to entertainment technology such as video games, are sent by their parents to a military style boot camp in order to detox from their technology addictions.

In the midst of such a world concerned teachers as well as concerned parents are trying to find practical solutions that embrace new technologies in a way that adds value to the educational and learning experience of young students. Samburu App meets this valuable educational need:


Charlie’s Teacher Ms Chyah Weitzman visiting the Samburu

What inspires Karim about Charlie’s and the rest of the PFA Team’s work with the Samburu App, is that it embraces precisely this aspiration that is being expressed by teachers and parents worldwide. Samburu App is working to create a technology application to provide emergency water resources for future drought conditions in the arid region of Samburu in northern Kenya.

The lack of technology access makes it difficult for pastoral and nomadic tribespeople like the Samburu to contact water relief agencies during emergency drought conditions.

Kenyamap 2

Not only is working on this technology application beneficial for members of the nomadic tribe that herd their goats, sheep and cattle in Samburu; it is also beneficial for the PFA Team.

Charlie and his Samburu App team are being provided with an excellent educational opportunity, that embraces the Humanities as well as the Sciences. They are learning about the Cultural Anthropology of the nomadic Samburu tribe community, which has included an interaction with the Tribal Elders; as well as the Science and Technology skills and dimensions of developing a workable prototype of an application. Charlie and his team plan to replicate the success of this technology app by offering the app to other nomadic tribes in Africa needing emergency water.