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Colin, CEO of Unscramble for Africa

About Colin

Colin Yoon is the CEO and the Editor-in-Chief of the Unscramble for Africa program.

In his Google Presentation on July 23rd, 2014, with representatives of Google Inc. and Google Foundation, Colin spoke about Pencils for Africa’s Unscramble for Africa project.

The Unscramble for Africa project will shift the paradigm, from the 100 year old paradigm of the Scramble for Africa in 1914 (see map below of “Africa After the Scramble, 1914”). From the European Scramble for Africa based upon exploitation, dominance and negative outcomes in 1914, PFA will shift the paradigm positively toward dialogue, understanding and cooperation.


The specific methodology by which this positive shift will be initiated and implemented, is firstly by identifying schools in European countries that have formerly colonized African countries.

Then, schools in those European countries will be matched up with the African schools.

For example, a school in Belgium is matched up with a school in Congo, a school in France with a school in Morocco, a school in Portugal with a school in Angola, a school in Britain with a school in Kenya. Once these schools are matched up, Colin will work with the European schools to build understanding and mutual community service projects with the African schools.

Colin’s extensive independent study research on the European colonization and exploitation of the Africa includes the classic book by historian Thomas Pakenham, The Scramble for Africa.


Colin has also conducted research on Africa’s political economy and is a contributor to the African Peace Journal. To read Colin’s article, The Scramble for Africa’s Economy, click here.

To read Colin’s Student Perspective on the Pencils for Africa (PFA) program, click here.


Colin and PFA Team with Google Inc and Google Foundation members