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Jake Chuharski, CEO of Portfolio CSR

Jake, the CEO of Portfolio CSR, presents the vital role of Corporate Social Responsibility in contributing toward the continued success of Portfolio PFA fundraisers for nonprofits in Africa.

About Jake

Jake is currently a freshman in high school who was a previously a member of the Pencils for Africa (PFA) Editorial Team in middle school. Jake has also taken a two week course on financial and business management at the Haas School of Business at University of California at Berkeley.


UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business where Jake took a brief course

Under the leadership of Jake, the newly formed Portfolio CSR will activate in September 2016, with the initial objective of requesting both local and international businesses to provide matching donations for the funds that Portfolio PFA (of which Carly is CEO) raises through their future school fundraisers. In this way, the portfolio of 10 excellent and vetted nonprofits operating in Africa will be able to receive more money to continue to do their excellent work in Africa.


Portfolio CSR, where CSR stands for ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ has a longer-term goal, which is similar to CEO Nicolas and the One Pencil Per Child program:

After securing matching donations from local US companies, Portfolio CSR would like to expand its scope and begin to request matching donations from African corporations as well.


Portfolio CSR intends to stretch and expand the definition of the traditional ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ toward engaging not just local companies in the US but companies in Africa as well and thus work toward the expansive goal of ‘Global Corporate Social Responsibility’.

The premise here is that when it comes to helping with the causes of the 10 donation programs in Portfolio PFA, then we as a Global Community of concerned World Citizens are in this together.