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Shannon is the CEO of Girl Smart Africa


Shannon (left) with mentors Paola (middle) and Purity (right)

Shannon is also the Editor-in-Chief of African Kitchen Table.

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Below is Shannon’s welcome video for African Kitchen Table:

About Shannon

For the past year, Shannon has been conducting considerable research on the plight of girls throughout the world, by viewing and reviewing documentary films such as Girl Rising, which she has reviewed as the Editor-in-Chief of African Kitchen Table, a community and ‘kitchen table conversation’ based forum, in which Shannon has also interviewed women leaders and pioneers such as Sarah Njuru, a Kenyan, who is the Executive Director of the Hilde Back Education Fund, a scholarship program in Kenya; and Jennifer Arnold, an American documentary filmmaker who directed Emmy-award nominated film ‘A Small Act’, about one of the PFA Executive Board members, Chris Mburu, whose parents could not afford to send him to high school, but who was fortunate to receive a small scholarship (“a small act”) from an elderly pensioner in Sweden, Hilde Back, which enabled Chris to graduate high school and win scholarships to both University of Nairobi and Harvard Law School. Today, Chris is a Human Rights lawyer with the United Nations.


The combined research of Shannon, on the power of educational opportunity and her interaction with formidable women role models such as Sarah Njuru and Jennifer Arnold, and, more recently, PFA Executive Board members Paola Gianturco and Purity Kagwiria (with whom she is pictured above). All this has prompted Shannon to pioneer and to lead an initiative that both celebrates and empowers the need for girls in Africa to have opportunities for education, as well as the future aspiration of advocating for women policy makers both nationally and internationally.

Shannon is a contributor to the African Peace Journal. To read an article by Shannon click here.